Welcome to Warwickshire Women's Bowling Association 

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Hello Ladies

Well, the bowling season is in full swing but the summer seems to be lagging behind and arctic winds have still plagued our evening matches. I hope you are managing to stay warm - we are usually warning you to stay hydrated at this time of the year!

Quite a lot of news for you: Congratulations to all of the following Warwickshire players.

Selected for the Bowls England Junior International Team are:
Emily Kernick of Royal Leamington Spa; Lily Mae Adams from Welford as a non- travelling reserve and for the men, Daniel Ellicott of Avenue BC also a non-travelling reserve. Well Done.
The squad for the Ireland Test match at RLS on the 13th and 14th July includes Kirsty Richards from Royal Leamington Spa. Multi discipline - go for it Kirsty. 
For the European Championships in Ayr, Scotland, Emily Kernick has been called to play. She will also make her International Debut at the British Isles Championships at RLS from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June.

Our CWalker Cup 225ounty Ladies team has had an excellent start in the Walker Cup played at Broadway BC where they beat Worcestershire in a very tense ‘will they, won’t they’ match. The last woods were played in silence and the match hung on a balance. They did it - the applause from the excited  Warwickshire players and supporters said it all. Good luck in the next round at Box on 23rd June against Devon. Worth mentioning that the Warwickshire men also won their first round in the Balcomb Trophy.

Now to our humble bowling world - Club competitions and County competitions in full swing. Good luck to you all. Don’t forget, before anything else, we do this for fun. Winning is the icing on the cake. Use the suntan cream even when it’s cold - UV levels still high.

I’ll see you on the greens.


If you would like more information about our Association; how to join a Club; or how to start playing bowls just email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.